8 Things that you can do when bored


Here are Eight things that you can do when bored:  1. Browse through Indiegogo, if you find an interesting project that you feel you want to get involved with donate and connect with fellow supporters.  2. Spend an afternoon at a local craft's store. Who knows you'll find an interesting hobby or pick up couple of gifts to give to your friends who you know are into crafting and stuffs.  3. Learn a new Vegetarian plate, spend some time researching online for an interesting Vegetarian recipe which you can do. And this weekend, invite friends over and impress them with your plate even though you know they all hate anything broccoli and bellpeppers. 4. Finally pamper yourself, spend an afternoon getting the back massage that you know you totally deserve. Want to take it further up? why not set up an appointment with a local chiropractor so you can finally fix that neck discomforts that goes on and off for weeks now.  5.  Head to your local library, and browse through their latest collections, how about spending at least 20 minutes at the periodicals, don't you think its fun to know the headlines on international papers?  6. Finally try Yoga. You're gonna love it. Not only will it be beneficial health wise, but also its really something to do which will keep you busy and more in touch with your inner self.  7. Call your mom. You know you hate to do that because she likes to pry on details like what you're up to lately or she kept on asking you whether you're dating someone.  But she's your mom, it will make you feel good knowing that you finally broke the weeks of silence. Maybe invite her to help you shop for a new furniture at the local Ikea. That will be fun.  8. Grab a favorite book and spend couple of hours just reading it at a local coffee place.  If someone chats you up, smile and open yourself to an afternoon of conversation, who knows that person might end up as your weekly coffee friend.