4 Reasons why you should rethink having Peacocks as pets


With their festive colors and beautiful feathers, peacocks are so attractive. Want them as pets? Here are 4 reasons to reconsider getting peacocks as pets. 

1.  Peacocks tend to make loud noises. If you live in an area where your neighbors are sound sensitive, that can be a problem. Also, you need to check with your local city as to their regulations in terms of owning peacocks, some cities might not allow having them as pets.

2. You need to understand that peacocks are not chickens, they require special feeds, this involves planning and consultation with a local veterinarian. One thing to remember though, peacocks needs continued access to water and sunflower seeds are important for their diet.

3. You can't just keep them in a cage. They need more space than regular birds. That also means you have to know whether in your area there are wild animals that lives closely. There are many predators that can endanger the life of your peacocks.

4. Access to veterinary care is needed as peacocks are not commonly popular as pets. This means that you have to check with your local veterinarian regarding vaccines and other health related information that you will need before committing to having peacocks as pets.

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