Things to remember during Hurricane Season


As Hurricane Irma caused loss of life and property in the Caribbean and is now ravaging through Florida and possibly the rest of the continental US, here are some things to remember during Hurricane season, as it seems we're not yet at the peak of the season.  First, stay alert all the time, have the necessary apps in your phone so you're constantly aware of what's going on and you can track the progress of any hurricane, also constantly monitor the weather news and updates in your local channels.  Second,  take necessary precautions, make sure that your car is not parked under a tree, if you need to board up your glass windows and doors do so before the hurricane hits your area, stock up canned foods and pet foods as well, have couple gallons of drinking water, get a ready to hit the road bag that contains your basic stuffs, including meds, change of clothes, blankets, and comforters.  Third, have a ready cash all the time, you can't trust the atm's in your area to work during a hurricane.  Fourth, during the hurricane, stay away from windows and doors, be alert for storm surge. Fifth, follow the warnings from local authorities, if you are asked to evacuate, remember you can always replace your property but not your life.

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