Four Obvious signs that your bf is cheating on you


He might have the look of the BL actor that you've been obsessing about lately,  but what good is that if he's actually cheating on you. Here are Four obvious signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you:   One, he's always in a hurry, like when you go out with him, you noticed that he's very anxious to get you out of the restaurant as soon as possible so he can drop you off, something like, it seems like being with you becomes a chore.  Second, you noticed that there's something different about him. You're not sure yet what it was, but you just know that he did something that is so not him, which your vibes picked up on. New haircut?  suddenly stylish? It doesn't matter what it was, all you know is that he looks very...very different.  Third, he has lots of excuses when you ask him why he's not seeing you lately. To the point that you feel like he's actually and literally distancing himself on you. He might say, he's just so absorbed with his work right now, when deep inside you know that's so not true as he hates his work. Fourth, he seems irritable these days. Like little stuffs ticks him off. When you confront him on this, he suddenly lashed at you like you exposed his most kept secret to the world. You know he's guilty on something that's why his nerves is all over the place.