Feedbacks from Laundry Teddy


Hey guys! We're lovin' all the cool feedbacks that we got from all of you. Thank you so much! We're so far behind with our updates, we have so much updates to launch, but not enough time to fully launch them, but we will get to them, don't worry. Thank you again for all your support and awesome feedbacks on our site. Converting the BL Script Laundry Teddy into a funny and engaging comic is not an easy endeavor, it's always a work of progress. With our BL Comic series for Laundry Teddy, we wanted to stay true to the story line, although some plots are changed, the essence will always be there. So if you had read our script for Laundry Teddy then we're sure you can relate to the BL Comic series for Laundry Teddy. If you haven't check the script yet, its on our Script page, you can find the navigational link on the top part of our site. Because it's in a comic format, we have to work with the design and story line and present it in a funny and engaging way, the BL Comic style. We hope that we started a new trend, BL Comic is a little less stronger than Yaoi and Manga. Our BL Comic style is designed to be funny and engage our readers to follow our original BL Script. Plus guys, in the coming days we will launch previews of upcoming BL Script from BL Script writer Jason Vonderheid. Also we will wrap up the BL Script Make Him Swim, as we're currently working on two other scripts, 40 is the New High School and Mister Prince Boyfriend. Once we finish these scripts we will be launching Wake Up Heart, that will be sometime in the first quarter 2018. Lots of work to do guys, thank you so much for all the love. BL To Go is dedicated to all BL fans regardless of where you live which brings us to our International Editions which is still a work of progress. It's very hard to do the translations and work with different contents, but we hope that you're gonna love these editions once we kick start it. Thanks again!