From BL To Go Germany: 4 What's app Secrets


Four Whats app Secrets that you might not know:  1. You can actually prevent the two blue ticks to show up, as you know, the blue ticks next to your message tells people that you actually read their message. To prevent this from showing up, first don't open the whats app message, simply go to your phone's airline mode, and then open your whats app, read the message and close the app. Then you can deactivate the airline mode.  2. How to use whats app on your computer? Go to, follow the instruction and use the scanner on the site to connect the whats app on your phone to your computer screen.  3. If you send a red heart emoji, you will be surprised to see that it will appear as a red giant heart, cool right?  4. To send the same message on multiple contacts, under the chat menu look for the broadcast list, and then the "new list" and then add contact, type in the message and hit send. You will see a megaphone icon before your message, your contacts will not know that you sent multiple messages to different contacts as the message will appear on their private conversations with you.

TechJason VonderheidComment