Are you Team Sotus S or Together with Me?


Are you Team Sotus S or Together with Me? Both BL series are from Thailand and features two leading BL couple in the world, Singto and Krist for Sotus S, which is the season 2 of Sotus and Tul Pakorn and Max of Together with Me, this series is actually the prequel for Bad Romance where they traced how Korn and Knock found love. The main question among fans is whether in real life, Krist and Singto are a real couple as well as if its for real between Tul and Max. Fans worldwide always speculate, which of course everyone wants them to continue their on screen chemistry in the real world. During the recent Fan Meeting of Sotus S, Krist and Singto played the Pocky game and part of the mechanics of the game is for Krist and Singto to sit on the floor, facing each other, they need to move across the stage in a synchronized manner as they also have to do the Pocky. In previous fan meetings, it's very obvious that there's some kinda shyness that's going on between both of them, just as in Sotus Season one, there was only two kiss, and its so subtle and very light. But this time around, Singto seems to be more in the mood, he's very affectionate towards Krist. Meanwhile with Tul and Max, it's an everyday Instagram popularity with their super funny, and really hot Instagram posts that are shared instantly by fans across their networks and social media accounts. Tul and Max are so natural together, they have a strong chemistry, and Max of course is full of tricks, he is the king of funny, although he admits in the fan meeting of Together with Me, that it will be different if he will do the scenes with C amity or Dr. Bright, with Tul he is very comfortable. Together with Me has a strong romance and kissing scenes, a big contrast from Bad Romance where they just lightly kissed. So whether you are Team Sotus S or Team Together with me, you're on a winning team because both BL couples had launched their successful BL series that are enjoyed by fans worldwide.