Hai Qing is a very confused guy


If you've been watching the past few episodes of Taiwanese BL Dark Blue and Moonlight, you will definitely notice that the main issue with Hai Qing is that he's very confused. He's obviously very attracted to Yan Fei, it's love at first sight, where in just less than two minutes of seeing each other, they immediately kissed. Truly, their chemistry are clicking together. However, Pin Jun represents a safety net for Hai Qing. He's like a father figure, Hai Qing needs someone who will really take care of him, and that's really the thing with Pin Jun, he works hard, and he's definitely sincere towards Hai Qing, and he totally understand what Hai Qing needs, and he will do anything to satisfy those needs, whether its financially or emotionally or just being there for Hai Qing everyday, while Yan Fei who is very well off and has a great job offers a different scenario for Hai Qing. With him, Hai Qing will have financial stability, but at the same time too, he's someone that Hai Qing is naturally attracted with. Both guys are perfect for Hai Qing. It's really tough to choose, will you go for someone who's not financially well off but sincere towards you, or will you go for someone that you're attracted to but has some past baggage that can haunt you later on, in Yan Fei's case, it's his bf Jimmy who  has aggressive tendencies. All in all, Dark Blue and Moonlight has engaging and interesting plot, the actors are very cute, and of course the drama elements can really be intense, let's see what happens next!