Why you should have more Salads this holiday season?


So why do you have to go for more salads this holiday season?  1. It balances everything, you'll be going to different parties packed with heavy holiday foods, so by having more salads, you'll kinda balance everything. 2. It curbs your appetite to eat less, which with lots of special plates prepared by friends and of course mom's traditional holiday dinner, the temptation to over eat is at all time high. 3. It's always healthy to go for a lighter salad plate when the choices at the holiday buffet at a friend's party is endless. You're not gonna disappoint your friend that you're not eating anything, because when he check your plate out, he will see that you got a good portion but of course, he'll be so absorb with the details of his own party and the endless drama from his guests that he won't notice that your selections are basically limited to his salad plates.