Yok and Mook from Make It Right are inspiring


In Season one of Make It Right, characters Yok and Mook stands out not only because they're great actors as they truly gave justice to the characters they're playing but because of the message that their character and scenes embeds to the audience. Yok is constantly pressured by his mom to change his behavior and feelings towards guys, it came to a point that his mom follows him around and monitors his phone. But Yok is a strong person. Early on, he's aware of his feelings and who he is. This is not about a coming out story where he has to tell his mom that he likes guys, but Yok is about being true to yourself and being proud of the choices that you make in life. Yok is about being a grown up and standing up to what you believe is right for your life. Mook on the other hand is the best friend of Fuse's sister. She's totally in love with her. This is GL (Girl's love) in it's raw form. It's interesting that GL's are not fully explored and developed, it is the BL's that for decades had remained strong and was able to build it's own industry. It's hard to be Mook, because she's in love with someone who can't love her back. Yok and Mook are both searching for love, and they both deserve to be happy.