Feeling holiday sad?


There's a lot of things going on during holidays, there's family get togethers, office parties to go to, friends inviting you for Christmas lunch, and of course the holiday shopping and buying of presents that it seems has no end to it. The thing is, this is also the end of the year where sometimes hints of sadness will pop up.  The holiday season is really that time of the year where you look back at your whole year, and if there's something about this year that really affected you emotionally, chances are those moments will have a major comeback. But here's what you can do. Take a moment to just breathe everything in and out, you're not perfect. Just like everybody else, you have problems, some things in your life did not work out as much as you wanted to, there are relationships that has to end. It's the end of the year. It's the holidays. Enjoy it and be happy regardless of how your year felt. The good news is, there's a new year coming, a new start to get things back to where you want it to be, to start a new relationship again, and finally to find the fix to that problem that had caused a lot of emotional stress to you this year.