What happens now that Net Neutrality is gone?


That's a really good question to think of, now that Net Neutrality sadly is the thing of the past what will happen next?  Pro-Neutrality organizations as expected will launch legal battles to bring back the old law in full force, possibly by attacking certain sections of the current policies. But scraping Net Neutrality will affect the end users. Now, the ISP's will have much power and leverage to block contents and sites, charge it's subscribers to access sites, similar to what Poland currently is doing where the internet are like cable subscriptions, in order to access certain sites that you use to access for free, you need to buy the bundle for that site. The major companies will totally monopolize the internet to push their contents and products, giving end users no choice but to just abide by what they want you to see and read. Controlled information maybe the new law of the land, similar to communist countries. Now, that's not called progress when freedom of information is denied and controlled.

TechJason VonderheidComment