6 Reasons why you shouldn't drink soda


Love those sugary drinks? Six reasons why you should rethink:  1. Sodas are loaded with high amounts of sugar which equates to high calories, that can lead to obesity and other associated conditions.  2. The high acidic level of sodas can affect the enamels of your teeth, which can lead to tooth decay and loss.  3. By drinking soda, you'll actually be more thirsty. This is dangerous when your doing your work out and you're need to replenish the lost liquids are in all time high. 4. The diet element in most sodas are artificial sweeteners and there are numerous studies that showed that these are not good substitutes for sugars, instead these sweeteners can lead to other medical conditions and complications.  5. High levels of caffeine in sodas can affect not only your health but also your sleeping patterns. 6. Sodas tend to have an addictive components which hooks you to it.