How to be Holiday Happy


It's the last month of the year, regardless of how your year turned out, you should be Holiday happy, how?  1. Invite friends over and do a pre-Christmas get together, pop some champagne, enjoy a really nice catered dinner, toast some cool Chardonnays and Merlots.  2. Spend some time in your local community to volunteer and help out. Trust me, you'll be very happy seeing those smiling faces and the pure happiness that can only come from knowing that you made a difference in somebody else's lives. 3. Time to mend those broken fences. Call that friend whom you had a disagreement with this year.  4. Have a nice time just for yourself. Do your holiday shopping, go out to this fancy nice restaurant, this time not on a date but for yourself. 5. Surprise that special someone with a really nice Holiday home cooked dinner.