4 signs that your man is a tease


4 Signs that your man is a tease:  1. He takes everything like it's one big joke, and then he drops it off right at your lap with his own spin. It's funny, it's cute but yet, you're a little bit bothered by the fact that he's not really serious in life.  2. He likes to highlight your greatest weaknesses, whether its your greatest fear or the worst situation that you don't want to be in. He laughs at it, while teasing you at the same time. At first it annoys you, and then you realized,  that's he's just basically teasing you, and then everything becomes cute. 3. When you confront him to stand for something that you feel will really define his feelings for you, he tend to step backwards, this confuses you even more.  4. You want him to commit to something, like his relationship to you which should be the main thing in his life as it is the only thing in your life. But then there are so many external forces around him that's preventing him from totally connecting with you. When you confront him on this one, he uses those forces as an excuse to rationalize his actions.