The BL difference


A big question we always receive from our readers here at BL To go is what makes BL movies different from mainstream gay movies. Now, that's a really good question. From outside looking in, it's really easy to say that basically they're the same thing. It involves male characters falling in love with each other. But then again, gay movies comes in different forms and themes, with BL, the theme and form is pretty straightforward. There are couple of BL Hallmarks in the characters, plots and delivery of the film's messages which distinguishes BL movies from mainstream gay movies. BL enjoys a wider audience, with not only the male demographics but a huge and totally loyal female demographics, to best explain why, everything can be traced back to the history of BL which was first created to cater to female audiences. BL is evolving, it's actually going more mainstream, with the popular Thai BL films launched on mainstream tv and attracting mainstream advertisers. Now, this is a good sign it shows how through the years the audience had evolved. BL delivers important messages, it touches on topics about discrimination and bullying, BL also through its characters encourages a better understanding of emotions and feelings, and how at the end of the day regardless of your orientation, all of us are essentially humans who search and deserves to be loved. The shared experiences of BL aims to find common grounds with its mainstream audience. That's the BL difference.