Three ways to control chronic pain


Like what any pain doctor will tell you, the goal of pain management is not really controlling pain but in an essence treating pain and bringing back normality in your life.  3 ways to control chronic pain:  1. Relax your mind. Take a moment in the day to find a spot in your home where you feel much calmer and without outside interference. Close your eyes and think of nothing else. Tell your mind that you're not in pain.  Do this mental exercises regularly.  2. Use mental imagery, picture your brain producing tons and tons of natural endorphins, and visualize these endorphins like a flowing river directly flowing through and drowning the pain out of your body. 3. Talk to someone who are in a similar situation as you. This is where group therapy counts. Just listening to other people and how they're coping with pain and seeing how their family are affected by this will help you understand that you're not the only one going through this. There's always comfort in numbers.