Interview with 4 Leading Men


BLTG: "Welcome everyone to our special post, today we have all our Four leading men, Carlos from Dear Mister Heart, Chai from Make Him Swim, Chaow from 40 is the New High School and Teddy from Laundry Teddy, welcome guys.

Carlos: "Thanks for having us."

Chaow: "Thank you"

Teddy: "Hi everyone"

Chai: "Hello, thank you"

BLTG: "Let's start! Why don't we just go around and introduce yourself guys so our audience will be more familiar with who you are and the character you play in your BL?"

Teddy: "I guess, I should start first. Hi everyone, I'm Teddy from Laundry Teddy. I'm basically the love interest of a very good looking guy, his name is Drew...."

BLTG: "Teddy, let me cut in through really quickly, as this is still fresh in our audience minds, in your recently launched scene, you actually have this special moment with Drew...what's going on in there?"

Teddy: "Wow, that's a first question...ha ha! Well, Drew and I got really intimate and into each other in that scene. I think that scene cleared everything, in the earlier scenes, Drew did not clearly establish where he is with Teddy emotionally, so that's an important scene as it justify all the coming scenes, and I think it's about time that Teddy get some love after going through such horrible experience with Drew in the past."

BLTG: "Ok go on Carlos..."

Carlos: "Hi everyone, I'm Carlos from Dear Mister Heart, I play the part of this guy who propose to his boyfriend but got turned down, so there's this random woman who gave him a ticket to Bangkok because she's very superstitious, so she witnessed how I was turned down and for her, that will bring bad luck to her life, so that's how I got to Bangkok."

BLTG: "Are you a superstitious guy Carlos?"

Carlos: "Not really, I think I'm a practical guy."

BLTG: "Chai and Chaow, let's talk about you guys."

Chai: "Hi everyone, I'm Chai from Make Him Swim.  I'm in this love triangle between two really handsome swimmers, Tanat and Lem."

Chaow: "I'm Chaow, and my BL is called 40 is the New High School, as the title suggest, I'm 40 and I'm back at High School"

BLTG: "Chaow was it hard to be back at High School?"

Chaow: "I think the audiences as the scenes progress can see how I struggle to fit in at high school. Although, personally just having this chance of going back to high school, I think its really exciting and very fulfilling as I'm fixing this part of my life that I want to complete."

BLTG: "Tell me Chai, who will you choose Tanat or Lem?"

Chai: "I guess that's what I want the audience to see, will it be the mysterious Tanat or the handsome Lem?"

BLTG: "But in your recent scene, it was actually suggested that you slept with Tanat."

Chai: "Oooops...ha ha."

BLTG: "This may sound a little bit cliche, guys...what is love for you?"

Teddy: "For me..its about connection."

Carlos: "The premise of Dear Mister Heart says it all, Bangkok is the city that calms all hearts and changes all lucks, like love."

Chaow: "Being 40 made me realize that being happy with that person who you'll wake up to each morning, I think...that is called love."

Chai: "Love for me is the freedom to choose who is that person that you like to spend forever with."

BLTG: "Carlos, in Dear Mister Heart your love interest is actually the reigning Mister Thailand, how did that happen?"

Carlos: "Well...I think that will happen in the next scenes, so I hope the audience follows that scene to find out how I got connected to Mister Thailand."

Chai: "Yeah, I wanna know too."

Carlos: "It's a secret...ha ha."

BLTG: "Chaow, tell us who is Hendrik, Tanat and Klahan in your life?"

Chaow: "Actually, there's another one the bully Tom...ha ha"

Carlos: "So many.....ha ha."

Chaow: "Hendrik dumped me, he's someone that I've been with for years, Tanat is my school mate that I met in one dinner night at our place, his mom is Hendrik's mom's friend, while Klahan is my coworker, he's a janitor like me."

Teddy: "So you're the janitor and I'm a laundromat, really Jason....ha ha."

BLTG: "Ha ha...just so our audience know Jason Vonderheid is the script writer for these cool BL stories, Make Him Swim, 40 is the New High School, Laundry Teddy and Dear Mister Heart. Going back, Teddy, now that you and Drew are officially together, are there any conflicts that lays ahead?"

Teddy: "There will always be conflict, I remember what Jason says, in his stories, he likes happy endings but to get there....he will take the readers through tons of twists and turns."

BLTG: "Chaow, you did not mention...who is Tom?"

Chaow: "Tom is designed to be forgotten really..."

Teddy: "Ha, that sucks."

Chaow: "Well, that is how his character was developed. There's this very brief glimpse of Tom, it happened in the scene where he trips me as I find my way to my seat during my first day, and after that, the story revolves on how I struggle to fit in this new world of high school."

BLTG: "Chai, do you think Lem likes you?"

Chai: "I honestly think he does. I mean we spend all those after school time studying together, so of course if there are emotions there, its just a matter of time before it surfaces."

BLTG: "Let's talk about your best friends, two of characters have one, Mili is Chai's best friend while Lauren is Teddys."

Teddy: "Lauren is the best friend that you wanna keep. She's very loyal and very supportive. We connected alot."

BLTG: "How about Mili Chai?"

Chai: "Mili, is a very fun friend. We talk alot and we hang out a lot, until Lem happens."

BLTG: "I guess we pretty much cover a lot of topics today, so guys why don't you invite our audiences to follow your stories."

Teddy: "Yes, please follow Ugly Teddy only here at BL To Go, thank you for all the support."

Chaow: "Find out who I will choose: Hendrik, Klahan, Tanat or Tom.  40 is the new High School only at BL To Go."

Carlos: "If you missed the previously launched scene on the main blog page of BL To Go, you can keep up with those missed scenes at the Scripts page. Thanks for supporting Dear Mister Heart."

Chai: "Make Him Swim is a mysterious drama which I hope you'll love. Thanks guys for all the love and support."

BLTG: "For more of Teddy, Chaow, Carlos and Chai follow our BL Script series from BL Script writer Jason Vonderheid, only here at BL To Go."