Happy Together: Funny Alex and Benny


Tonight was the first time that I've seen the 2015 Taiwan BL drama/comedy Happy Together with super cute Li Sky as the lead Alex and Chen Chin Yang as Benny, the love interest of Alex. The series has the elements of a regular US sitcom, most lines are geared for the laughs. Although some of the lines are pretty predictable, I have to give in as it's so entertaining to watch Alex delivers the punch lines. This is the story about six friends who lives together in one apartment. It's also a coming out story where Alex finally revealed to his mom that he's gay and that Benny is his boyfriend. In later scenes, Alex and Benny revealed their first times, with Benny it was with a married guy who taught him the first lesson in love, you can't force love. With Alex it's with a girl who appeared later on with an 8 year old son who Alex thought was his kid. I do have a favorite scene, it's when Alex was cleaning the mug or glass or something and his coffee shop co-worker, Ken, was trying to reveal his feelings for him so Alex rubs harder on the mug or glass to kinda create a much louder noise. That was really funny. Over all, the movie is a good watch, it's fast pace and there are couple of interesting and touching scenes.