6 ways to use Limes


Love Limes? Here's six cool ways that you can use limes:  1. As a refreshing drink, remember Limes are rich in vitamin C and a well known cure for scurvy.  2. Lime oils has disinfectant properties, and can be use as deodorant and when applied to skin, it can rejuvenate the dead skin cells.  3. Because limes are rich in anti-oxidants, it can be use as aids in weight loss, and treats couple of inflammatory diseases.  4. Limes can control the toxins secreted by the body, its a great addition to help cure gout. 5. Dandruffs? No problems, limes can aid in curing and preventing dandruffs. 6. Limes are also use to control the calcium in urine which can lead to a variety of urinary tract infections.