5 Tips on buying a suit


5 Tips in buying  a suit:  1. If you're kinda tall, opt for your trouser's break or edge of your pants to show an inch of your socks, if you're height is vertically challenged, make sure that the break falls exactly on top of your shoes, with no socks peeking 2. The jacket must close in a way that it's not too tight on your abs, unless you're heading for the pool where you can show off your newly gained six packs.  3. You can never go wrong with a lighter shirt against a darker jacket. Mix and match, you'll feel more comfortable and confident when you experiment with what colors works for you.  4. When you're trying on a new pants, take a second to sit down, and see how it fits through your back side. The pants must not be too tight or loose against your butt, it should be just the right fit.  5. Don't judge the suit by its price. Sometimes opting for a higher priced item will give you more style and comfort in terms of the suit materials, however,  pricey suits doesn't always translate to a perfect fit.