5 Abs Mistakes that you're probably doing


Wonder why these days, it seems that your abs is not getting your targeted results? 5 abs mistakes that you're probably doing:  1. Doing too many abs crunches, remember crunches only target a specific section of your abs. Effectiveness does not rely on the number of crunches that you do, but really more on regularly training your abs and integrating other abs exercises besides just doing crunches, remember your abs is a muscle, it must be trained regularly.  2. With abs training comes diet and nutrition. Are you integrating your abs exercises with belly fat reducing diets like greens and lean meats, of course avoiding sodas and sugary drinks are part of those changes that you need to do.  3. You're not deeply engaging your abs when you exercise. Do a You Tube search and see how the You Tube fitness experts train their abs. Study their techniques paying close attention on how they engage their abs in every movements. 4. Rectus and Transverse abdominis, erector spinae, obliques, if you're unfamiliar with these terms, chances are you're not doing the proper abs exercises that targets these sections of your abs and body 5.  Are you doing any cardio specific exercise? If not, you need to. It's important that you pair your abs training with your cardio.