4 Signs that you're a drama queen to your BF


Still in denial?  Here's 4 signs that you're definitely a drama queen to your boyfriend, no wonder these days, he's so not into you.  1. You like to stir up a lot of tensions with your boyfriend. You never let go, no matter how small the issue is.  2. You nag him all the time, and when he gets upset, you use that situation to blame everything on him even though you're the cause of all dramas.  3. When criticized, you go full drama on him and it doesn't matter whether its just the two of you, or you're out in public with him. You're like a ticking time bomb who's drama can be unleashed simply by pressing the right button.  4. You use the social media like Facebook and Instagram as your platform to engage your friends and followers to follow your love life, when your bf points that out to you, you start an open social media war with him.