Five ways to spoil your boyfriend


So thinking of spoiling your boyfriend?  Five suggestions:  1. Cook a marathon dinner for him for the whole week, just make sure that you really cook it, frozen entrees don't count.  He will be touched by your efforts especially if cooking is not really your thing. 2. Let him invite his buddies to the house and give them their man time. Yes, you can make a quick microwavables if you can't do any appetizers for them. The idea is for you not to hang out with them, so excuse yourself and let them do their own thing. 3. Surprise your boyfriend with a game ticket. Better still, he can choose who he wants to bring, probably four tickets are not that bad.  4. Give your boyfriend a spa gift card which he can use on his own time. This is your gift of "me" time to him.  5. Write him a handwritten love letter, mention how important he is in your life and how the little things he do for you always means a lot to you.