6 Ways to relax after work


Here's six ways to relax after a long day at work:  1. Meet up with your buddy and have a drink or just hang out at his place.  2. Spend a good quality time at your designated "zen" place in your home. While there, either do your yoga, meditation or just have that quiet moment for yourself.   3. Go to your local bookstore and pick up a book. Either read it quietly in your own home or over a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee place.  4. Do an afternoon run. Great way to create that sweat and who knows you might accidentally run into with your neighborhood crush.  5. Catch that movie that you've always wanted to see. Melted butter over popcorn, laughters from strangers, the movie theater vibes that can't be replicated back at home.  6. Do some gardening. Get dirty and plant that seasonals in, you're gonna love the look of your garden once you're done updating your yard.