7 Signs that he wants to be your boyfriend


Seven signs that he wants to be your boyfriend:  1. You feel it.  What's actually happening is that he's sending you mental and emotional feelers that he wants to be your man.  2. He's grilling your friends on everything about you. He's fishing for all tiny details about you because he just wants to know everything.  3. He's always regularly texting and calling you. Sometimes it gets to the point that it becomes too much.  4. When you're alone with him, you can really feel his sincerity that he really wants to be part of your life.  5. He always wants to pick you up after work or school.  6. He's constantly scheduling dinner dates with you.  7. He laughs even though your jokes are really lame and not really funny, as you tested them with your close friends where they just stared at you waiting for the punchline.