6 Tips for Pimple free skin


Here's six simple tips so you'll have more chances of managing your pimples for a more pimple free skin:  1. Wash your face daily using mild cleansers. Read the labels carefully to make sure that it doesn't contain active ingredients that will irritate your skin or that you have allergies with.  2.  Apply a toner and moisturizer. There are many popular brands in the market, experiment so you'll know which brands works best for you.  3. Eat more green leafy vegetables, they're good for your skin.  4. Resist the urge to pop the pimples, they will create a scar if you do that and you're also going to spread the bacteria to other parts of your skin.  5. See a dermatologist for professional help and guidance as to which products can effectively help you. Don't forget to tell the dermatologist your pimple history and your daily facial hygiene and products that you're currently using.  6. Go out and exercise. When you sweat, you're actually helping your skin get rid of those unwanted dirt and grime that can lead to pimples.