4 ways to avoid scratches on phone


Hate to see scratches on your phone, here's 4 ways so you can avoid them:  1. Seek professional help, go to the mall or tech shops and look around for products like screen guards that will prevent scratches from happening to your phone. There are many brands in the market, choose the one that's thinner and won't affect any of the touch screen functions of your phone.  2. Buy a phone case, this secures your phone from damages including scratches. 3. Home solution:  rub toothpaste in those light scratches in a circular pattern. If this doesn't work, talk to your phone specialists for assistance on what to do next.  3. Never put your phone in your bag without any phone case or protection.   4. Hold the phone in your hand and not in your pocket where chances are you either have loose coins or worse your car keys that can definitely scratch your phone.

TechJason VonderheidComment