Why Intimacy is very subdued with BL's

A good question when it comes to BL is that why is it that intimacy is very subdued, an exception will be Korn and Knock's super hot Together with Me series, Bernard and Teddy's History Obsessed BL, and Addicted Heroin series.  Although Make It Right also touches on a more mature situations and issues.  But in a nut shell, a good example of a classic BL will be SOTUS, with a very subdued kissing scene that wrapped up the entire season. The thing with BL is that it's design to tell a love story and build a love team that its audience will follow and really be obsessed with. That's the formula behind every BL. By keeping the intimacy light, it gives all the fan girls and boys more reasons to stay up to date and alert on any IG updates from their favorite BL couples, the BL audience are focused on the story and plot hoping that in the end amidst all the confusion, chaos and drama, the BL couple will wrap everything up with a kiss, the SOTUS way.