South Africa wins Miss Universe 2017


Demi Leigh Nel Peters, who shared that she had a close encounter with violence back at her home country at South Africa and this empowered her to fight for equal rights for women and freedom from violence won the world's biggest beauty pageant, Miss Universe in an amazing evening held at Las Vegas. Miss Colombia and Miss Jamaica, both equally beautiful and deserving of the title, placed first and second runner up. Everyone's expecting crowd favorite Philippines to advance to Top 5, but her journey ends at Top 10. While USA, who captivated everyone in her beautiful evening gown shock everyone when her quest for the title  ends at Top 10. Thailand was very beautiful in her elegant evening gown and she gave a very smart answer as well, made it on Top 5.  Japan steal the show with her very clever costume, she won the National costume award. Well, I guess we have to wait another year, why can't it be Miss Universe everyday?