Interview with Jason Vonderheid for Laundry Teddy


BLTG: "Hello everyone, welcome to our Interview with the Script writer for Laundry Teddy, Jason Vonderheid. Welcome Jason."

Jason: "Thanks BLTG for having me."

BLTG: "Jason let's jump in, we noticed that in couple of scenes at Laundry Teddy, there is a lot of reference on Teddy being really self conscious, to the point that he kept on blaming himself as being too ugly for Drew. What's really going on at those scenes?"

Jason: "Good point. I think Teddy had always been self conscious, it's quite clear on the first scene where he's staring at his bathroom mirror and he's internally motivating himself as being a good looking guy with perfect abs. I think internally, he needs to do this so he feels better about himself."

BLTG: "So would you say, he's ugly for Drew?"

Jason: "There is a scene wherein Drew created this make believe relationship with Teddy, and in front of his mom and his girlfriend's mom, both of them had insulted Teddy by calling him too ugly for Drew. On a bigger picture, I don't think Teddy is that ugly, I think he's just a regular looking guy which towards the end was transformed into this very gorgeous looking guy with just a touch of salon. The morale of the story is really, the popular saying, you can't judge a book by its cover. Teddy had always been good looking, he was just not given enough chance to work on that part of himself."

BLTG: "Let's talk about Teddy's mom, what's wrong with her?"

Jason: "Sylvia, Teddy's mom had a lot of issues. But don't get me wrong, she loves Teddy, she's a perfect mom. But then, again....she's lonely. And she tends to be more into younger guys."

BLTG: "How did Sylvia and Drew's girlfriend Clarisse met or knew each other, because it was not really clear where their connection happens."

Jason: "Clarisse is a desperate girlfriend, she's out for blood. In the confrontation scene between Drew and Clarisse where she blackmailed him, she explained how she knew about Sylvia, she did an online search her. They have a laundry business, so it's quite easy to really find where they live. But she actually wanted to see Teddy so she will tell Teddy that Drew does prostitution on the side, but then to her shock, Sylvia was the one who opened the door. Clarisse has a photographic mind, so in just seconds she was able to connect Sylvia with the photo that she found on Drew's phone, apparently Drew keeps photos of his clients or possibly he forgot to delete this."

BLTG: "Why is Lauren so into Teddy alot. I mean, doesn't she have a life?"

Jason: "Lauren loves Teddy. She's just a perfect best friend. She enjoys hanging out with Teddy, and she's just a very protective friend. She has no issues, she's popular in school, she's very pretty, she's the cheer leader, so in her life, Teddy I would say is the weakest link, that is why she's always focusing on Teddy. Lauren is funny, crazy but she's a perfectionist by heart."

BLTG: "What is wrong with Drew, why is it that he has to leave Teddy and hurt him, why can't he just spill the truth and lay down all his cards?"

Jason: "Drew is going through a process. This Teddy thing is something that's new for him. He's a very snobbish guy, but that's actually his defense mechanism. Internally, he's a very emotional soft hearted guy. As the scene progress, when he saw Teddy with Roger, he got really jealous. This was the turning point for Drew. He realized that he was wrong. He doesn't want to hurt Teddy, but in reality, he's afraid to admit that his secrets are actually dragging him down."

BLTG: "So why there's tons of Laundry going on at Laundry Teddy?"

Jason: "Back at College, I have a friend who does the laundry of everyone in her dorm, this is how she pays for the bill and her college fees. Everyone has dirty laundry hidden on the closet. Drew has one. For Teddy, it's more on the fact that he underestimated himself alot when in reality he's a very talented guy who can really do alot. Plus he's a charming guy, he won the heart of the most gorgeous guy in his class."

BLTG: "Jason why don't you invite everyone to check out Laundry Teddy."

Jason: "Yes, thank you so much for all the support. I'm reading all the emails and feedbacks, you're all my inspiration. Laundry Teddy is a beautiful BL story, I hope you'll love it. To read the entire script, go to the script page of BL To Go, and click on the Laundry Teddy banner. Thank you again."