How to handwash in 8 Steps


Not sure on how to hand wash your clothes? Here's 8 quick steps:  1. Fill your sink halfway with water or if you have a laundry tub that will work as well. One thing to note though, you need to fully scrub and clean your kitchen or bath sink to remove any grease or food residue as you don't want these stuff to stick to your clothes.  2. Add your liquid detergent, it really depends on your load, but 2 to 3 tbsp will usually do the trick for smaller loads, you need to experiment on this and see how much detergent will really work for you.  3. Make sure you mix the detergent well with the water.  4. Soak in your clothes and instead of rubbing the fabrics together, use a gentle swish motion. If you can't remove the dirt, add more detergent, and give your clothes more soaking time.  5.  Lightly twist the clothes to remove the extra water. 6. Change your sink or laundry tub water, fill it up again and this time, rinse your clothes. Repeat at least for 2 to 3 times, changing the water each time you start a new rinse batch.  7. On your final rinse you can add a small amount of fabric conditioner.  8. You can do another rinse to finish things up. 9. Hang clothes to dry.