Six tips to clean quickly


Six tips to clean your place like really quickly.  First, clean on a marathon. Dedicate just few minutes in each area of your house. If you can't cover the kitchen in let us say four minutes, make a mental note of areas and stuffs in the kitchen that you'll cover the next day. Same thing for the bathroom and so on.  Second, use a microfiber cloth and nicely scented cleaners with paper towels on hand. Spray, wipe and throw. Follow that sequence for a really quick clean. Third, have a Windex spray ready, Windex spray every glass surfaces. Keep in mind the first step, if you can't Windex the windows by the living room area, do it the next day.  Fourth, ditch the vacuum when it comes to your floor rug, just quickly sweep it up.  Fifth, but vacuum the floor rugs at least each week.  Sixth, don't forget your tv remotes and those wall light switches, trust me, they're dirty too.