Laundry Teddy. Scene 17

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Scene 17 is a very romantic scene between Teddy and Drew. So Drew takes Teddy back to his dorm, because Teddy was very drunk, he vomited all over himself, so Drew cleaned him up, and took him to the shower. Teddy snaps back to reality, he realized that he's with Drew, and that he's naked. He then asked Drew if they had sex, Drew was like, of course not, as you can see I still have my clothes on, and that's when Drew joined Teddy and took all his clothes. Teddy asked Drew about what he said last time, that it can't be them. Drew responded and told Teddy that the past doesn't matter, Lauren told him to take another look at him, he admitted to Teddy that he's secretly in love with him, and that he wants to win Teddy's heart, Teddy responded that he had always won his heart.