Is your BF too hot for you?


So is your BF too hot for you? Here's 4 quick signs:  1. He usually gets the stare and attention from random strangers whenever you're both out in public, whether it's at a local bar, or  you're just both doing your weekend grocery shopping.  2. His mom feels that you're not a good match for her son. And she's not afraid to say it in front of you.  3. You never saw him spend even a minute fixing himself up before going out, and yet as you step out of your place, while he's down there already waiting by his car, you have this urge to go back and fix yourself up really quickly because deep down you know that your bf will be stylish perfect as always. 4. He kept on telling you not to be intimidated, from the attention he gets from other people, that's just how he is and how things work. He even made a joke to blame his parents for creating such a hot son. He knew that he's hot. And that's the thing, it's truth staring right at your face.