Interview with Jason Vonderheid for Dear Mister Heart


BLTG: "Hello everyone! Welcome to our Interview with BL Script writer for Dear Mister Heart, Jason Vonderheid, Hi Jason."

Jason: "Hi! Thanks for having me in this cool interview."

BLTG: "Let's quickly jump in,, Dear Mister Heart was officially launched."

Jason: "Yes, I am so glad that the whole script was finished and launched completely here at BL to Go."

BLTG: "In one word, how will you describe Dear Mister Heart?"

Jason: "Funny"

BLTG: "'s really that funny?"

Jason: "I do hope so. I find it really challenging to write funny stuffs, but I think even though there's a lot of drama in this script, the funny parts will stand out."

BLTG: "What's the obsession with Gabriel and all those body parts that are being thrown at his Nurse and her student assistants?"

Jason: "Gabriel is a surgeon, so I wanted to find something funny on what he does. Every time he's on the phone with Carlos, he's always in the middle of surgery, so he gets distracted, and he starts pulling stuffs out of the patient, and there's this waiting nurse her side kick students who's job is to catch whatever Gabriel threw at them. The scenes are designed to be funny, for the student nurses to collapse and really throw up all over the place. It sounds gross, but with good actors interpreting these scenes, everything will come out really funny."

BLTG: "Let's talk about your favorite scenes."

Jason: "I'm a writer so I spent a lot of time perfecting every scenes. But if I have to choose my favorite of all my favorites, I would say, I really like that scene where Adisak was waiting for Carlos at his fancy office with the views of Bangkok behind him, I love this scene because it's powerful to see Mister Thailand all suited up in this luxurious space and there's Carlos in his Caribbean casual shirt and short. The contrast is really striking. The other scene that I really like is the one by the pool where Peerapat slowly undressed in front of Carlos. I want him to be really sexy, and this is that scene where Carlos realize that indeed, Peerapat is a really gorgeous guy."

BLTG: "What is wrong with Carlos, why Gabriel won't marry him?"

Jason: "I think Carlos is a little bit clingy. He wants stability in a relationship while Gabriel plays it one day at a time. He's the let's see what happens next type of a guy. But later in the story, I hope the audience realizes that Carlos just wants to be loved, and Gabriel really hurted him by turning down his proposal. This left a really deep scar in his heart."

BLTG: "Gabriel asked this at the last scene, how was it possible for two strikingly good looking guy to fall in love with Carlos?"

Jason: "Carlos is a regular looking guy, he's an office guy. But he's a breath of fresh air, for Adisak, he's the closest thing to Puerto Rico, while for Peerapat, Carlos is very real. Both of these guys instantly fell in love with Carlos. Yes, love at first sight really exist."

BLTG: "Let's talk about the flashback scene."

Jason: "I have to add that scene to my favorites, it's a beautiful scene where Carlos and Gabriel first met. It revealed that in the beginning, both of them are really in love with each other, and somehow....something happened during those 4 years that changes everything. I would say, when you live with someone for that long, familiarity kicks in, probably that's what happened. They both need to really work on their relationship."

BLTG: "Let's talk about the ending."

Jason: "It's a happy ending, but very open ending. We both knew that in real life, technically you can only have one. But in Dear Mister Heart, he had two. If there will be Part 2 for Dear Mister Heart, I will extract tension between Adisak and Peerapat, the issue between them are unresolved."

BLTG: "What was the inspiration for Dear Mister Heart?"

Jason: "I think its winning. We all want to win in anything that we do in life. Gabriel wants to win Carlos back, as he's satisfied with his life with him. Adisak wants to win the pageant and Carlos as well. Peerapat is more serious, he asked Carlos to take a chance with him, this is a serious proposal, while Carlos wants to be happy, to him that's winning.

BLTG: "Thanks so much Jason. And that concludes our interview with BL Script writer Jason Vonderheid. To read and view the complete BL script for Dear Mister Heart, go to our Scripts page and click on the Dear Mister Heart banner. If you would like to have a PDF script sent to you for collaboration purposes, just drop us an email or use our contact form. Thanks everyone, and congratulations Jason for Dear Mister Heart."

Jason: "My pleasure. Thank you, and thanks everyone."