8 More Tips when assembling your Ikea


Here's more tips when assembling your Ikea:  1. Make sure that you use a rug or couple towels as it's easy to make a mistake and scratch or dent the edges of your Ikea furnitures when assembling them. Lay the towels or rug on a flat surface. 2. Follow the instructions carefully, pay particular attention on the drawings as it's usually easy to miss the details.  3. Use controlled force when screwing or working on the pieces of the furniture, this avoids damage, usually Ikea designed its pieces for a perfect fit, assembling them are usually easy.  4. To save time, immediately start assembling the pieces, you don't really need to count how many screws or attachments are included, most packages comes in perfect quantities.  5. Don't hesitate to call them for support, it's easy to make a mistake, or for any quick product questions.  6. Use the support screws for a more stable furniture.  7. Place the Ikea furniture on top of bricks, this protects your furniture from damages that can arise from emergencies like flooding.  8. Keep the cardboard boxes if possible, as they can be use in many possible ways, if not, drop it at a recycle place in your area.