4 Thanksgiving mistakes that's easy to miss


Four Thanksgiving mistakes that's quite easy to miss:  1. You don't have a real thermometer, you rely on the pop up plastic junk that usually comes with a turkey. That piece of plastic is really worthless as its set to pop up at a higher temperature making your turkey drier or over cooked.  2. Think of the essentials, mashed potatoes and gravy, anything with cranberries, pumpkin pies, of course the Turkey, sweet potatoes and green beans casserole. But don't over think things, it's your Thanksgiving, so feel free to be creative and innovative. Add, remove and Mix and match any of these plates.  3. Remember to thaw the Turkey and skin dry it first before throwing it in the oven.  4. Not making enough preparations. The last thing you want to happen in your Thanksgiving dinner is party panic. So prepare well in advance, invite your guests ahead of time and get your Turkey weeks in advance.