Present Perfect is a surprising movie


If you had not seen the Thai movie, Present Perfect yet, then there are many reasons to see it, first of all it's beautifully written. It starts as a very slow movie, but as the film progress, the characters slowly reveals the plot and how they fit in the story. It's technically a thinking movie, in one of the scene, Toey did not like the Nato beans that was given by Yumi as a welcome present, later in the movie, Yumi taught him how to prepare the beans so he will learn to like it. This translates to what happened between Toey and the Thai guy next door Oat that brought new feelings that had always been inside Toey it's just that he did not recognized what those feelings really are. At the end of the movie, there's a little twist and a little bit of a clever trick, I did not recognize that the guy was Toey because he looks like Oat from the hair to the way he wears his clothes, while Oat who he accidentally met in the airport transforms himself as a clean shaven typical regular guy with a girlfriend/wife (it was not clear he introduced her as his girlfriend while back in Japan he told Toey that he's about to marry her) and a kid. He gave his Facebook which gives Toey a decision whether to connect with him or not. We're talking about four years later here. That means in that span of time, Toey became like Oat, traveling alone. But the feelings was there, it was quite obvious from the excited eyes of Oat and from the bitter sweet look of Toey as he said goodbye to him at the airport. The question is, if the girlfriend/wife was not there, will they reconnect again? Probably as it seems what happened in Japan between them is something that stayed alive within their hearts, and it resurrects four years later in such a brief moment of accidental encounter. Love truly is an amazing surprising thing.