Why Love Love You is really sweet


Thai BL movie Love Love You, tells a very sweet story about this young couple, Nai and Gump who are both in love and yet they both have some trust issues which are pretty common not only among young couples but practically with everyone. The film also shows how important it is to have a loving and accepting family, in the movie the mom of Gump totally accepts Gump and she's aware of Gump's relationship with Nai and yet she's also very sensitive to Gump and Nai as she knew that Nai wants to keep the relationship between Gump and him as a private thing, so when her relative asked her who Nai is to Gump, she said he's just his friend but her reactions revealed a quick message to the relative that they can't talk about this topic, so the relative changed the topic. This is also a story about rejection and how teenagers process rejections and how they draw the line that leads to acceptance. And the fun part, this is essentially a funny BL, there are many scenes that are truly cute, funny and yes, sweet.