4 Signs you're IG Insecure


Think you're not Instagram insecure? Well, think again.  4 signs you're IG insecure:  1. You spend almost the whole day at IG, browsing, constantly liking and commenting, paying close attention to people you really like simply because you see them as competition.  2. His abs looks perfect than yours? She's wearing this really cool shoes, where did she got that? He's eating on that restaurant again, wish we have one here.  And other similar questions always runs through your mind whenever you see someone that sparks your interest.  3. You can't separate real friends from IG followings. If they unfollow you.....you take this personally, to the point that having real friends don't count anymore.  4. Your heart beats faster and suddenly you perk up each time someone leaves a comment that you look great.  You need this kind of affirmation from your IG followers to take you through your day.

TechJason VonderheidComment