6 Reasons why you hate your bestfriend, well..secretly


Ok, man up, technically you secretly hate your best friend, here's why:  1. Her boyfriend is super cute, while you're as always single and available, why can't you find a perfect man like hers?  2. You hate to go out with her 'cause she doesn't pay up really. She relies on you to pick up the tab. Sometimes, you just feel like bringing your own home cooked food when you meet up with her just so you can force her to pay for her plate.  3. She always talk about herself all the time. She's like the lead in her own movie called her life while you're the captive audience.  4. Here's the thing with your best friend, you're secretly in love with him. While he's so not into you. Well, technically he sees you as just his friend. OMG, when will you get lucky?  5. She's too judgmental like she has a say on everything that you do. And on all occasions, she takes pride on being on the right side of history. Of course this puts you on a disadvantage, 'cause you hate to be wrong and get her "i told you so" look.  6. He hooks up with your sister. And now it appears that you're the third wheel. OMG.