Six tips so you can make him want you


Here's the thing, you want him to really want you. Six tips:  One, don't overload him with constant and irritatingly invasive text messages, yes the whatsapp and Facebook messenger counts.  Two, be attentive to his needs and feelings. Make him realize that you deeply want to connect with him and that you'll always be there for him, regardless of the situation.  Three, go with the flow. Make him see that you're the type of person that's really easy to like and yes to love. It doesn't take much efforts to truly understand you.  Four, show some effort, new hairstyle, cute outfit when you hang out with him.  Don't get hurt if he didn't praise your looks, probably what's going on he's actually secretly admiring you. Five, don't call him randomly, wait till he rings you up. If he doesn't, chances are he's really not that interested on you, especially if this happens a day or two after your first date.  Six, show some energy when you're with him. Be interesting and not plain boring.