5 Signs that you're a Nagger


Curious if you're a nagger, here's five obvious signs that you are:  1. You always blame your boyfriend if he forgot to do things you asked him to do.  And the blame goes on and on.  2. You deeply want to control him, so you kept on asking him to do things for you, or to hang out with you all the time, to the point that you're actually not giving him enough time for himself.  3. You start acting like his mom, you want to know everything that's going on with his life.  4. You kept on focusing on your boyfriend to the point that you're actually not focusing on yourself, what you need and what you want. You actually made your boyfriend your world. 5. You have a low self esteem, the only way that you can feel good about yourself is if you nag someone and made that person obey you or do stuff for you.