Are you tired of your bf? 4 Signs


Are you tired of your boyfriend? Here's 4 signs:  1.  You feel like you just don't want to see him anymore, but when he calls to meet up, you feel like you have to see him because its expected, and because he's your boyfriend.   2. Little things that he does which normally won't get into your nerves suddenly becomes very irritating to the point that you starts a fight with him over these things which doesn't make sense because they're not really important.  3. You went out with couple of potential admirers who you think are attracted to you, and you're also attracted with. You kept on telling yourself that this is ok because this is not a date but just hanging out. The thing is you're really enjoying this "hanging out", you never missed your bf at all.  4. Everything about him becomes boring. Suddenly, being with him becomes a chore, an obligation that everyone's expecting you to do, simply because he is your boyfriend.  5. He is obviously draining out all your energy and making you very unhappy.