Make Him Swim. Scene 8

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In Scene 8, Tawat and Chai takes things to the next level. Tawat follows Chai as they exit the diner. As they step out of the diner, Chai turned around and he realized that Tawat was not there. This is the first clue on who Tawat really is. Tawat's story line and personality is being built in this scene. So Chai continued walking, thinking that you know, maybe Tawat just left, he just like to tease me, but he was wrong, as few minutes later, Tawat slowly follows him. He apparently got his car, he told Chai to get in. When Chai got in, out of the blue Chai grilled Tawat on Lem. He wanted to know whether they are really friends, as he really did not see them hang out together, but only that time at the cafeteria when Tawat winked at him. Chai had said the key word, so Tawat came back at him and told him that, hey you actually remembered that day and the fact that I showed interest on you. Chai immediately changed their conversation topic, so he asked Chai whether Lem's girlfriend is really pretty and whether he thinks that Lem can like him. At that moment, Tawat went full force on Chai, he kissed Chai, at first Chai hesitated but then he responded. And then Chai withdraw. He's totally confused. Lem and Chai are both confusing him.