40 is the New High School. Scene 6

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Scene 6 is the dinner scene. Hendrik's mom came over with her friend and her friend's son, Tanet, the new character in the story. After dinner, Chaow was removing the plates from the table. Everyone had enjoyed the evening. As he removes the plate of Tanet he accidentally brushed his hand. This is that part where Chaow's connection with Tanet is being build up. Tanet's mom is kinda loud, so he called Chaow a servant like right in front of his face as he question Hendrik's mom on who Chaow is in Hendrik's life. His mom brought up the fact that she wanted Hendrik to date this girl, who can be a potential wife. At this point, Chaow went straight to the kitchen. Regardless of what happened earlier, and the fact that Hendrik is confused, and he doesn't know whether he still love Chaow or not, Chaow had always been in love with Hendrik. So he cried as he wash the plates. Tanet saw all of this. He apologized to Chaow for his mom's rudeness. Chaow then changed the topic, and asked Tanet about his school. Tanet encouraged him to check his school out as it might be a good fit, if ever Chaow decides to go back to high school so he can finish his studies and have access to more opportunities in life. Chaow's phone rings, it was Klahan. Chaow's mood changes. He's really feeling something for Klahan. There's this cloud of jealousy in the air as at that time, Chaow knew that Klahan is in some hotel room with that girl from that bar. Klahan then asked him if he's jealous. Chaow said, he's not because he already kissed him. Klahan then told Chaow about Janet and the rumors of an affair between Janet and Hendrik, of which Chaow told Klahan that he's aware of this, as Hendrik and him had talked about this. Klahan then asked him why he's still with Hendrik. Chaow replied that because he just doesn't know where else to go. Klahan came back and told Chaow that with him, Chaow has a place to go. Hendrik called Chaow in as their guest are leaving. And that's when everything dawn on Klahan, he's in love with Chaow. He's not in a hotel room with some girl, he's just back at his own place.