40 is the New High School. Scene 4

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Scene 4 is the love triangle scene. Klahan all suit up hauls his bucket and mop, unexpectedly he caught Chaow and Hendrik being intimate with each other by the hallway. Hendrik saw Klahan, so he immediately rushed out of the scene. Chaow was then forced to admit to Klahan that he has a boyfriend, it was Hendrik. This was a big blow to Klahan. He was very hurt.  He then grilled Chaow if he's telling the truth, does he have a second job? when he kissed him, was that true or he's just faking him. Chaow in the hot seat panics, he told Klahan that he has this weird job, where he goes to from time to time, and no, he did not fake him, when he kissed him that night, it was real. Klahan was very hurt, so he told Chaow what he thinks, he's just using Hendrik, but then when he saw the pain in Chaow's face, he realized he was very wrong. He hurted Chaow. So he apologized. Chaow brushed off everything, and he noticed that Klahan is all suit up for the night, he also noticed the creased shirt of Klahan. He then told Klahan to follow him. They went to the janitor's closet where he told Klahan to take his shirt off so he can iron it. Of which he did. While he was down on his knees at the floor, ironing Klahan's shirt off, that's the time that Klahan realized that Chaow is special, this is the guy that you introduce to your mom, this is the guy that you take to that fancy restaurant so you can propose to him. There's this part of Klahan that he kinda regretted not being honest with Chaow, he was hurt so he told Chaow that he's going out with this girl that he was talking to at the bar that night they kissed, just to kinda get even with Chaow, but the truth is, he was about to invite Chaow to watch an opera with him and a late night dinner at this really nice fancy restaurant. But how can he do that now? Scene 4 has all the elements that makes a BL scene special, there's fighting, there's making up, there's a conflict, there's resolving that conflict out.