Ten Clear Signs your watching a Thai BL


10 Clear signs that the series you're watching is a Thai BL:  1. Very cute leads who knows how to act and sing as well.  2. If it involves any Pink milk.  3. The ost of the series will make you cry if not, you'll memorize its catchy tune.  4. Stars and Moons does not only refer to heavenly bodies but actually college cuteness. 5.  The BL stars are very active on Instagram.  6. You'll be hooked once you start an episode.  7. Expect very light kissing and lots of teasing. Exception to this is Max and Tul's in Together with Me.  8. The BL story are mixed with regular Teen story involving female and male romance. 9. The BL actors had done couple of BL films, each of which they are paired with a different actor, but sometimes they retain their love team.  10. If you see these two labels GMM and Line Tv.