Laundry Teddy. Scene 16

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Scene 16 of Laundry Teddy is a very special scene. For weeks now, Teddy stayed away from Drew, and so did Drew. This scene is a turning point that will determine whether there's a chance for love between Teddy and Drew. In this scene, Teddy was already drunk as he waits for this "guy who looks like Drew" at the bar. He's been waiting for a long time, as he's about to order another round of beer, Drew steps in. And so, Teddy thought that this was the guy that he's been waiting for. He was fascinated at how close the resemblance to Drew was. Of course he doesn't know that, this is really Drew. At this point, I would like the audience to ask, does this mean that Drew is the escort online, or did he just showed up after all Lauren told him where Teddy would be and why he will be there. Teddy was very drunk, he came a little bit strong towards Drew, he wanted Drew to make out with him right there on then on the spot, when he realized that Drew's hesitating, he then paid him with crumpled bills. And that's when the BL trademark kick starts, Drew just picked Teddy up from the floor and hauled him on his back, and out they go towards the car, Drew told Teddy that he will take him home, but then Teddy said, they can't as his mom will be there, Teddy still thought that this is not Drew but just someone who resembles him. Scene 16 is a touching scene because this is that scene where Teddy told Drew that there's nothing he can do to win Drew, because he's not for sale even if he wants to buy love.  For scenes 1 to 15, don't forget to check it out by simply using the search icon found at the bottom of the site, click on it and type in "laundry teddy" it will launch a series of links which opens up to different scenes.